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Aberdeen Park Bridge 

Date: February 2019

Services Provided: Principal Inspection, Special Inspection to all cast iron elements and sample testing to timber deck beams

During February 2019, SIS Ltd were commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council to undertake a Principal Inspection and Special inspection to all cast iron elements of Park Bridge in Aberdeen.

Our in-house IRATA Rope Access team were utilised to undertake the inspection of the 2 span 165 year old structure. SIS Ltd also arranged all required road closures, road space bookings and onsite welfare as part of the project.

Over the 7 day inspection, all information was collected with special attention paid to the cast iron elements and interpreted into a clear, comprehensive report with detailed photographs of each defect, advised maintenance actions, BCI forms and detailed AutoCAD drawings.

While onsite completing the inspections, the scope of works was extended by the client following the finding of severe water ingress and fungal growth to the timber deck beams. Samples were obtained and delivered to our approved UKAS laboratory for identification testing.

All works were completed safely, efficiently and to the clients satisfaction with part of the advised remedial works detailed within the report being undertaken by SIS in April 2019.

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Groundline Engineering - Stockport Rail Bridge 

Date: March 2019

Services Provided: Principal Inspection, Steel & Paint Sampling

During March 2019, SIS Ltd were commissioned by Groundline Engineering, on behalf of Morgan Sindall, to undertake a structural inspection and obtain paint and steel samples to a 5No. Span railway overbridge in Stockport.

A principal Inspection was carried out by our qualified team with 9No. Steel and paint samples obtained from the 2No. Outer span main girders to allow for UKAS laboratory testing to be undertaken.

The objective of the overall scheme is to install 60T of utility services through the bridge deck with SIS Ltd.'s data being utilized by Morgan Sindall to undertake a full structural assessment.

The testing of the samples obtained were as follows –

  • Steel Testing – Tensile Strength Testing, Compositional Analysis & Micro Examination
  • Paint Testing – Carry out XRF screening for heavy metals (to include Lead) and FTIR spectroscopy of three topcoat paint samples.

All works were completed safely, efficiently and to the client specification.

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Kingsmead Viaduct Abutment Testing

Date: May 2018

Services Provided: Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Velocity Scanning, GPR Scanning, and Delamination Survey

During May 2018, SIS Ltd were commissioned by Tasiker Industrial, on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, to undertake testing to the North abutment wall of Kingsmead Viaduct.

Concerns were raised of the possibility of voids with the abutment concrete.

In order to identify if voids were present, SIS Ltd undertook the following surveys -

  • 24No. Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Velocity Scan Surveys
  • 4No. GPR Scan Surveys
  • full Delamination Tap Hammer Survey

Following undertaking the specialist concrete surveys and interpreting the data obtained, it was confirmed that several areas to the abutment where highlighted as possibly having voids present. A full comprehensive report was compiled following the works detailing all scan images obtained.

The works were completed efficiently and to the clients brief and satisfaction with the full report submitted within 7 working days of the survey being undertaken.

Please get in contact for any civil or structural pre-, during, or post-work surveys, inspections, investigations, and testing requirements.

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Paint Remedial Scheme - Supervision & Quality Assurance

Date: June – September 2018

Services Provided: Supervision & Quality Assurance to Paint Remedial Scheme of Bridges & Gantries

Over a 4 month period in mid 2018, SIS Ltd were tasked with providing independent supervision and quality assurance checks of a paint remedial scheme to several bridges and gantries for the M6 Toll Midland Expressway. 

All stages of the preparation and application of the 3 coat system were observed by a SIS paint coating inspector with dry film and wet film coating readings obtained at each application stage to ensure satisfactory coverage was met to the desired standard and satisfaction of the client.

On completion of each shift attended, an overview report was compiled for each structure attended to, detailing all aspects of the shift and the works undertaken including temperatures, dew points and paint thickness readings obtained to various elements of each structure. Any non compliant and health and safety aspects were also detailed as well as being reported directly to the client at the time.

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Hertfordshire Diving & Confined Space Inspection

Date: July & August 2018

Services Provided: 39No. Principal Inspection and Scour Surveys to Difficult Access Structures – Diving/Confined Space/Pontoon/Rope Access/CCTV Works

During mid 2018, SIS Ltd were commissioned by Tasiker Industrial, on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, to undertake Special Inspections, including scour, bed level and visuals to 39No. Difficult access structures. 

In order to undertake the inspections to the desired scope, SIS utilised the following means of access:-

  • HSE Certified 5No. Man Dive Team
  • Pontoon and Tower Scaffolding
  • Confined Space Working
  • IRATA Rope Access
  • CCTV Equipment

Following the completion of each inspection, a detailed and comprehensive report was compiled for each structure, including the completion of a BCI scoring form for each span or where a change of construction occurred. Auto CAD drawings were not required by the client but SIS included our clear and detailed site sketches as part of the reports to allow a better understanding of the structures defects and overall condition. 

The works were completed efficiently, on-time and to the clients brief and satisfaction with no Health & Safety issues throughout the programme. 

All final reports were submitted to the client within 3 weeks of the inspections being undertaken.

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Hertfordshire Structural Monitoring & Surveys

Date: July & August 2018

Services Provided: Remote Vibration Monitoring and Pre/Post Conditional Surveys of 5No. Private Dwellings During Sheet Pile Construction Works

In August of 2018, SIS Ltd were commissioned by Tasiker Industrial, on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, to undertake Remote Structural Vibration Monitoring along with Pre & Post conditional surveys of 5No. Private dwellings. 

Our clients were installing a new sheet pile wall in close proximity of the dwellings and wished to obtain clear and precise vibrations level data with alarm monitors and beacons pre, during and post the installation. 

SIS Ltd surveyors inspected all external and internal elements of all 5No. Properties and presented all data obtained, including photographic evidence, in clear and comprehensive reports. 

For a short period prior to the installation works commencing, remote monitors, along with level alarms and beacons, were installed at all property locations in order to obtain base level readings. Monitors were left in place for the duration of the works with weekly reports submitted to the clients on levels obtained, including Velocity Acceleration (mm/s) and Frequency (Hz) of vibrations.

Following the completion of the installation, SIS surveyors returned to undertake a post conditional survey of all 5No. dwellings, recording any change to both external and internal elements. This data was again provided in clear comparison reports with photographic evidence.

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Groundline Engineering - WPD P.I & IFA

Date: November 2018

Service Provided: Principal Inspection, Inspection for Assessment & Super Structure Loading Assessment Calculations

During November 2018, SIS Ltd were commissioned by Groundline Engineering, on behalf of Wester Power Distribution, to undertake a structural inspection works, an inspection for assessment, creation of a general arrangement drawing and complete load bearing calculations on a steel truss canal bridge in Birmingham.

Western Power Distributions required to alter the equipment the structure was carrying, thus adding an additional permeant dead loading to the structure.

A full Principal Inspection and Inspection for Assessment was carried out via the use of IRATA Rope Access personnel. Works also including a full dimensional survey in order to compile a general arrangement drawing of the structure.

From information collected from site, 2No. Interpretive reports were compiled detailing the condition of the structure and recommended remedial works required. From this, load bearing assessment calculations were undertaken by our Chartered Engineer to ensure the structure was capable of carrying the required additional equipment.

SIS Ltd also undertook the calculations for the additional loading of access scaffolding to be installed to the structure while the remedial works were carried out.

Close liaison was required between all involved parties including Western Power and the Canal & River Trust.

The works were completed safely, efficiently and to the clients satisfaction.

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