Delivering up to date structural, ground and environmental monitoring services nationwide

Structural Investigation Services strives to be an industry leader when it comes to structural monitoring and investigation. We’ve adapted to the most modern and technical aspects of these processes and we work with our partners to deliver different remote monitoring devices and applications to allow for continuous real-time monitoring.

Why Use These Services?

Being able to set alarm levels on all of our monitoring devices and notifying relevant personnel by call, text, or email allows us and our clients to act immediately should a specific level be breached. With our live dashboard, we’re able to allow clients 24/7 direct access to the live monitoring data as well as providing weekly and/ or monthly data reports.

We cover all aspects of investigations, including structural assessments, civil/ ground, geotechnical and environmental. We also have the capability to undertake prolonged and repeated investigations such as ballistic impact and push/ pull testing.

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Monitoring and Investigation Services

Push and Pull Load Testing Investigations

  • Ground Investigations

  • Window Sampling and Bore Holes (BS 59/30)

  • Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Testing

  • Soil and Rock Sampling

  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR – BS1377)

  • Ballistic Impact Investigations

  • Insitu Testing

  • Remote Structural/ Element Monitoring

  • Acoustic

  • Vibration

  • Movement

  • Displacement

  • Tilt

  • Remote Environmental Monitoring

  • Noise

  • Dust

  • Water Levels

  • Water Flow

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  • CSCS
  • The Concrete Society
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